Over 60% of First Time Homeowners Depend on Mortgage Brokers to Get the Best Mortgage Deals


The mortgage broking industry is worth billions of dollars. It employs thousands of people all over the world. Over 60% of first time home buyers in most developed countries depend on mortgages to purchase their first home.

  • A mortgage broker is an important intermediary between mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders.
  • Applying and getting approved for a home loan is much easier if you have the right mortgage broker by your side.
  • You need to find a broker that you can trust. A reputable broker will not let you down. They will act in your best interest rather than in their best interest.

Mortgage Brokers Increase Access to Finance

Because of mortgage brokers’ mortgage services, many people have been able to access home loans at friendly rates. This has generated substantial economic and social benefits for the global economy.

A Mortgage Broker Provides Important Financial Information

A mortgage broker will provide information on the right process to follow so that to be quickly approved for a home loan. They will also offer information on the different products available. By working with the right broker, you will access the best mortgage deal in the market.

Mortgage Brokers Increase Competition and Choice between Lenders

With the increase in mortgage brokers, the cost of mortgages has come down. These professionals increase mortgage choices for consumers. A broker can provide you with a choice of over a dozen products from different lenders.

A Good Broker Will Save You Time and Money

There are thousands of mortgage companies and different types of mortgage products. It can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate the mortgage landscape to find the right product.

A broker will do the hard work for you. They will research the best rates for you and help you to find a mortgage lender that will meet your circumstances.

Banks, as well as non-bank lenders, offer mortgages. A broker will do the bidding for you. They will contact the various financial institutions on your behalf.

Most Likely You Will Need To Take a Mortgage to Buy Your First House

If you dream of homeownership, it is highly likely that you will need to deal with a mortgage advisor in the future because nowadays, the path to homeownership involves taking a mortgage. A broker will also help you with remortgage issues.

In most countries, the cost of housing has increased over the last decade, while wage growth has stagnated. This has made it difficult for people to purchase a new house with cash. It can take decades to amass the kind of cash required to buy your first house, especially considering the rising house prices.

Real estate in major cities is always in demand while the supply is constrained. That leads to increasing housing costs. Therefore, most people need to take mortgages to buy houses.

The Bottom-Line

Most potential homeowners prefer to solicit the services of a mortgage broker when searching for a mortgage. A mortgage broker is a financial professional who connects potential homeowners with the right home loans.

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