Get Easy Withdrawals & Trade with more than 150 Instruments through ETFinance Broker


Founded in the year 2018, ETFinance is one of the best online brokers. They offer traders with various kinds of trading which comprises of the following such as share dealing trading, forex trading and spread betting trading. They are the brokers who have been working globally with all sorts of traders, be it novice traders or experienced traders. ETFinance has its head office in Cyprus. The brokers have a listed stock symbol. It implies that they have publicly listed and you can purchase shares officially in ETFinance on one of the worlds’ best global exchange markets. It’s a very time-consuming thing if you are trading on the financial market.

For becoming successful it is very important to have a reliable and trusted broker. ETFinance is only one such broker which is a reliable one. There are many benefits of trading with ETFinance. One of the most important things is that ETFinance is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. ETFinance is used by over more than 10,000 traders. With ETFinance you need a minimum deposit of $215. You can also start a demo account to know more about ETFinance. ETFinance is able to help all kinds of traders with trading whether you are a beginner in trading or experienced in trading.

Regulated Under Authority –

Since ETFinance is a regulated broker you can be sure that they don’t manipulate the market price. ETFinance has been functioning forthe last 2 years successfully. One of the best parts about ETFinance is that when you request a withdrawal, your request will be honored. And they will make a quick withdrawal process for you. They are not like other brokers who take time and frustrate the customers. ETFinance can at no cost violate any kind of regulatory rules laid down by the regulatory authority. If they do so then their license will be cancelled.

Secure Banking & Deposits –

And when you make any deposits with ETFinance, then those funds are held by them in segregated bank accounts. Additionally, ETFinance will use the tier 1 bank system for extra security purposes. Whenever you choose to start trading with ETFinance, it is advisable that you create 2 accounts with them. One will be a demo account which is an experimental account. And others should be a real account which you should open with your real cash. One of the best parts about ETFinance brokers is that they are regulated and supervised by organizations which are reputable.

Reimbursement –

If you want you can check every ETFinance supervisory and regulatory body. You may be the kind of person who may issue with ETFinance brokers. So, now you can sort out all the issues with ETFinance brokers as there is a regulatory authority which protects the traders. In case, if any issues pop up with the brokers, then the regulatory body is there to sort out those issues between the trader( i.e. you) and the broker. Even if the broker becomes insolvent but still you will be reimbursed for your loss of capital. So, you can be assured that your assets/funds are safe with ETFinance.

Reliable & Trustworthy –

If you are their client then there is nothing for you to worry, as your investments can be regained. So, hopefully, these reasons should be enough for you to trade with ETFinance. Plus, the brokers will have to comply with many rules and regulationslaid; down by the international authority. So, that they are able to provide a secure trading platform to all its customers/traders. And, also if they have to stay licensed then they will definitely have to do trading in the right terms. This is also very reassuring for the customers as ETFinance proves that they are reliable.

Reasons for Regulations & Awards –

The reasons why there are so many regulations with ETFinance are because the entire objective of the ETFinance is to provide the traders with a secure trading environment, where they can get maximum profits. Each and every market behavior of the trader is being observed by CySEC i.e. this regulatory body and if they take any wrong step against any trader then spontaneous action is taken against them. ETFinance is a legitimate online broker. Over the last 2 years, there are many awards which ETFinance has won. It has been awarded as the best for Meta trader 4 platforms.

Awards & Sponsorship –

Also, it has been awarded as the best multi-asset trading platform in 2016. Plus, ETFinance is also a sponsor for events and sports. This has helped ETFinance in returning back to the community and also helped them to create brand awareness. ETFinance has off late sponsored Real Madrid Basketball Team. On payment method,ETFinance withdrawal fees will vary. It does not charge anything if your account is inactive. Plus, it will not charge any deposit fees. Through ETFinance you can do trading in around 150 instruments. You can compare ETFinance with others and get the best in ETFinance.

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