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There are many people involved in the trading of different kinds. It involves trading in CFDs, stock, forex, and cryptocurrency. If you want to earn profits and want money in your bank accounts, then you will have to enter into the trading market. And once you enter into this trading market you will need a broker. It’s an obvious thing that you cannot do the trading alone. Through the broker, your trading process will become very easy as they will help you step by step in achieving your financial goals. And this will help you to live a life that is free from financial stress.

All in One Single Place –

And one such best broker that you can ever have is the FinexArena. It is one of the best brokers that will suit your all the trading needs and are 100% reliable broker. It is one of the excellent foreign exchange brokers and allows the users globally to trade on specific products which comprises of the following such as – stocks, indices, shares, cryptocurrency, and commodities. You can trade such a wide range of products on a single platform. And it also gives you the chance of diversifying your investments in various sectors. So, you don’t have to search for stocks at one place and search crypto at another place, as you will get everything with FinexArena.

Under Regulatory Authority –

FinexArena comes under a regulatory authority and is its member. It fully abides by the rules and regulations laid down by the authority. The broker follows every decision that has been made by the regulatory authority. And incase if any dispute arises between the broker and the customer i.e.(you) then the regulatory authority comes into play and sorts out the issues. Plus, the brokers are liable to the regulatory authority. So, all your investments are completely safe. There are no chances of any kind of mis-management.

Follows Anti-Money Laundering Policy –

The broker also strictly follows the AML policy which is the (anti-money laundering). And the rules are designed in such a fashion which is stringent and it mainly avoids any case of money laundering. This is one of the main reasons as to why FinexArena does not allow corporate credit cards. Plus, their site design has an algorithm inserted which is the latest and prevents any kind of theft attack. For keeping your assets completely safe and also for security reasons the brokers provide a special KYC process which is mandatory for all the users to fill.

Good Repo in Market & Safe Assets –

The next doubt, you must be having is that whether your assets are safe with FinexArena? And the answer to this is a big Yes. To check the reliability of any forex broker most of the people do a check on the market repo of the broker. And it’s obviously a good repo will come when the assets of people are safe and there is no risk of losing it. FinexArena has a very good repo in the market since the time it started its business. They are legit and trusted one amongst many traders. It has developed some high-security methods and security layers which are the top one and which protects the funds.

Exceptional Leverage –

FinexArena is the only one such kind of broker that will allow the traders to trade more than their current balance i.e. 100%. The leverage package which is offered by the broker is an exceptional one. The minimum leverage offered is 1:1 and the maximum leverage which is offered is 1:1000. They are one kind of unique brokers who will offer good leverages on products. If you want to trade with a greater amount that you have in your current balance, then one of the best places is FinexArena.

Meta trader 4 –

There are many efficient trading platforms which are being provided by the FinexArena. These platforms are exceptional and reputable ones. It has many good features and both the new as well as the experienced traders can have access to charts for making infinite financial gains, trading signals and tools. Meta trader 4 is also provided by the brokers. Retail and institutional investors both acknowledge Meta trader 4. You can now download the Meta trader 4 on any device. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, IOS, and android. So, there are many benefits that you can get from this.

Android Trader, iPad trader, & iPhone trader –

Next is the android, iPad and iPhone trader. A special platform has been designed by FinexArena called the android trader. Through this, the android phone users can now easily execute the trade and it allows the users to do the technical analysis with 30 different technical indicators. And also has 3 different chart types. The broker also developed a trading platform for as iPad trader and iPhone trader. It has features which will let you trade easily from the comfort of your home. It features technical indicators, multilingual support, instinctive interface, real-time quotes, etc. and much more.

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