The Sales Finance with the Tax Ideas


According to the National Electric Energy Agency, the taxes are embedded in the prices of goods and services. This means that, on water bills, electricity and telephone, the purchase of food products and goods and the contracting of services consumers pay taxes, later passed on to public coffers by the companies that collect them. Specifically in the electricity bill there is federal, state and municipal taxes, distributors only collect and pass these taxes on to the authorities competent for its collection.

The State and the Municipal Taxes for the Companies

In relation to state taxes, companies in the electricity sector charge income tax Circulation of Goods and Services. This tax is levied on transactions related to the circulation of goods and services and is the responsibility of the state governments and the Federal District. It is important to note that the ICMS is regulated by the tax code of each state that is, established by law by legislative houses. That’s why they are variable. At distributors have the obligation to charge ICMS directly on the invoice and pass it omit entirely to the State Government.

Municipal taxes In relation to municipal taxes, companies in the electricity sector charge the Contribution for Public Lighting Service Costing (CIP). It is the competence of the municipalities institute a contribution to the cost of public lighting services, according to the law approved by the City Council, which should provide for the form of collection and the CIP calculation base. Thus, all and any responsibility is attributed to the Municipal Public Power for the services of design, implantation, expansion, operation and maintenance of the facilities of public lighting. In this case, the energy distributors only collect the Copland pass it on to the municipality.

Although you consider yourself a person far removed from numbers, finances and accounting for taxes, there is no doubt that in your day to day you apply certain principles and criteria typical of this specialty. Since you leave your house you are constantly evaluating what to buy, how much to buy, and comparing the prices of everything, whether you are in the supermarket, in a shopping center, in a candy store, etc. It all has to do with money and the ability you have to spend. Believe it or not, your brain mechanically evaluates thousands of alternatives before paying or swiping the card. But in case of taxes, there is no alternative. The use of the sales tax calculator is important for the right tax submission.

The importance of setting goals

Many wonder:

What is the key to managing taxes properly? Is there a secret? The answer is yes. The first thing you should do is establish your priorities, once you are clear about what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term, it is time to set goals. Only then can you start making spending decisions. Always remember that all your decisions must be aligned with your goals. Once you determine what is most important to you, you can allocate part of the money you earn on it; On the other hand, the most complicated aspect of personal finance is being able to measure yourself in the other expenses that may differ from your goals. Remember that the more organized you are and the clearer your goals are, the closer you will be to achieving your dreams. The tax calculator can help you in this matter.

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