Websites and Services That Use the Cloud


The simplest way to explain the cloud is that it is a digital and online storage for data. Think of it as a filing cabinet but you use it through the internet. Most websites have their own cloud storage. That’s because the data that they keep should only be accessible to themselves. It is a bit different from public cloud services when anyone can just place their own data. The risk about that is that a lot of other people may access your data. This is alright if the data isn’t that important anyway and you just need a place to store data for free. You’re probably wondering what sites and services use cloud procurement policy, then here are some of them.

A few sites that use the cloud

  • Social media sites are just a good example of using the cloud. These sites store a lot of data and you can start off with the individual accounts of the users. There are millions of users and some of these accounts aren’t just for people. There are accounts for businesses, media, and even those proxy accounts.
  • Don’t forget about the different media stored on social media sites. People upload a ton of images, videos, and even audio files. Those things require data as well and keep in mind that social media is free. You have to wonder how these sites are keeping things in check with all the users that they have.
  • Aside from social media sites, you also have those sites that provide email services. You can register to an email website without the need to pay. You usually have a free storage space for your email account. The storage is small but most people use their email to send mail rather than store data.
  • That’s another good example would be those sites that offer online storage. That’s right, you can actually pay for these sites which allow you to store your files online. It isn’t similar to the cloud but it used the cloud. You can store your files for school and work on these sites. The free accounts give you a small storage space but paying for more can allow you to store more.
  • While it isn’t a website, online games can also rely on the cloud. These games store the player’s accounts and details online. Then again, not all of them use the cloud because sometimes it isn’t that good of a call. There are some games that have a physical server where data is stored for their players and more.
  • Those sites that have a market system can also rely on the cloud. Whenever you go to those shopping websites, a lot of the data there is stored in the cloud. You have data involved with the sellers, the buyers, the items, and so much more.
  • Basically, any site that requires you to register an account and perform transactions can rely on the cloud.

What you need to keep in mind

  • When you use these websites that rely on the cloud, make sure to keep your security in check. Most of the sites won’t ask for personal information anyway. You don’t need to put your exact details as well.
  • Most of the time these sites will ask for a verification method and for that to work, it will often require you to use your phone number. That can be enough because you don’t want your personal information to be seen or even taken online.
  • Be careful as well what you put on the cloud. People put some weird and personal things online. Just keep in mind what you want to store online and what you can keep in private.
  • You too can also pay for these services. What you would need the cloud for is up to you but most of the time it is when people have businesses or a situation where you just need to store a lot of data. Just find a reliable and good service provider for all of your cloud needs.

Different websites can have their own servers to store data but they can also use the cloud for that.



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